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Dec 31

Ne Dryer, Nema Problem

The Eastern European lifestyle presents quite a few differences from the lifestyle we are accustomed to in North America.  They eat a lot healthier than we do, dress a lot nicer and drive cars that would fit in your wife’s walk-in closet.  In Belgrade, Serbia the citizens boast a strong sense of pride in their …

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Dec 22

Perfect Place to Run Out of Gas

We were on a road trip to play Colgate and Cornell and it was just a rancid weekend for the Clarkson Golden Knights to say the least.  We gave up the lead in both games and lost on terrible mistakes.  The type of blunders that make coaches pull their hair out. After the Saturday night …

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Dec 12

Hockey Misconceptions

Hockey Misconceptions Sample Chapter from “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey?” The hockey world is full of misconceptions.  At every level, players, coaches, and parents have misconceptions about what to expect at the current level and the next.  Most people underestimate the jump from one level to the next and it can …

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Dec 09

NHL Lockout: Who is the Real Villain?

Depending on who you are and how you look at it, the 2012 NHL Lockout is chalk full of storylines, complete with villains, victims and seemingly no real end in sight.  The one thing that every great story has, that this drawn-out saga is missing, is a bona fide hero and a happy ending.  Before …

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Dec 07

The Dilemma: Major Junior vs. College Hockey (Sample Chapter from “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey?”)

Any family who has experienced having a son play hockey at a high level has been faced with the life-changing decision of whether to choose the major junior avenue or save their NCAA eligibility to pursue the scholarship route south of the border. It is a decision that can derive a great deal of stress …

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Dec 06

Clifford the Deadly Doorman

Growing up in Ontario there aren’t really too many animals or insects that you need to worry about living in and or around your house.  The spiders, as startling as they can be, aren’t going to kill you with a bite and the snakes are nothing to write National Geographic about.  So being from Ontario …

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Dec 05

Game Plan Glitch

Hockey has evolved in every way imaginable over the years.  One major evolutionary aspect is the influx of technology into the game.  Coaching staffs spend hours upon hours analyzing and breaking down video of both their opponents and their own team to hone system play and correct mistakes.  Most teams at higher levels even staff …

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Dec 04

Missing at Midnight in Mississippi

During the limited time I was in Bossier-Shreveport we had a team-bonding weekend in Tallulah, Mississippi at our owner’s hunting camp.  The hunting camp was on a massive property that had an ample supply of deer and several ponds filled with alligators.  It was a great place to get away and bond with your new …

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Dec 04

The World of a Pro Goalie

Goalies have a world-renown reputation of being quirky and odd.  Being a goalie, you are pretty much isolated and in your own world.  You have one job to do and that is to stop pucks.  If you win, you were supposed to.  If you lose, you are the goat.  There is so much pressure being …

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Dec 02

Hockey and Everything in Between is a hockey blog site for hockey fans, parents, players, and critics to get information on everything in hockey from tips on mental preparation to funny stories about what goes on behind the scenes in the hockey world.  If you want to read an interesting article or debate about the newest rule change, chime …

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