Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 29

Too Much, Too Soon

When does too much of something become detrimental?  Moderation over obsession is a phrase to live by with almost everything we can think of.  It applies to eating, drinking, working and sports.  Hockey is no exception. The biggest problem in minor hockey today is “Burnout”.  Kids who grow up playing hockey today don’t have a …

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Mar 22

Legs Pay the Bills

If food is the key to a man’s heart, then skating is the key to a hockey scout’s heart.  In today’s brand of hockey, if you can’t skate, you won’t be able to compete.  The first thing that immediately jumps out about a player is his or her skating ability. The next time you are …

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Mar 17

Over-Coaching Spawns Mediocrity

Too often, parents and fans have the misconception that a yelling coach is a hard-working coach.  I hear too often that, “So and so is a great coach because he’s always giving instructions to players and he’s tough on them because he knows that the world is a tough place.”  In reality, this line of …

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Mar 06

The Cocktail Leagues (Sample Chapter from “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey?”)

  On August 9th, 1988 the Edmonton Oilers held a press conference to make an announcement that would change the landscape of hockey in North America. Hockey had existed for years in the southern states but it wouldn’t be until after the “Trade of the Century”, which would land the game’s greatest player ever in …

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