Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 28

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of The Peewee Body Checking Ban

On Saturday, May 25, 2013, Hockey Canada’s board of directors voted overwhelmingly to remove body checking from peewee hockey across Canada in an effort to limit the health risks to kids ages 11 and 12.  Although board members voted in favour of the ban in landslide fashion 42-2, with only two Saskatchewan delegates voting against …

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May 18

Requiem for a Hockey Dream

Before money became involved in my hockey career, I never gave painkillers a thought or even really knew what they were or how powerful they could be.  The first time I was introduced to them was during my sophomore year in college.  I dislocated my SC joint, the area at the top of your chest where …

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May 11

Nicknames in Hockey

Nicknames in hockey are as much a part of the game as galvanized rubber and the Stanley Cup.  As soon as you become a hockey player, the first thing that changes is the name people refer to you by.  Most of the time the nickname that is given is some sort of variation of the …

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May 02

Why the Media Doesn’t Belong in the Dressing Room

Don Cherry recently made comments on an edition of “Coach’s Corner” stating that women have no place in a men’s dressing room.  His comments were in reaction to a controversy involving Duncan Keith and a female reporter.  Cherry’s comments created quite a stir that made for some pretty heated water cooler discussions across the nation …

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