Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 20

10 Sanity Tips for Minor Hockey Parents

  1.      Hockey is a Fun Game, Period The number one goal in all youth sports is to have fun.  Hockey, at its purest form, is recreation and nothing more.  When kids begin playing hockey, they don’t know the meaning of the word “Salary”.  They have no idea what a contract is or an agent …

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Feb 19

Hockey to the Workplace: 10 Transferable Competencies

If I were running my own private sector company with everything I own on the line and everyone I love depending on me, I’m hiring a team of hockey players.  Why?  Here are 10 reasons:    1.      Work Ethic To play hockey is to work hard.  Hockey players always take the road less travelled.  Where …

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Feb 03

Don’t Be That Guy: 7 Attributes of Bad Minor Hockey Coaches

I recently wrote an article entitled, “10 Reasons Why I Would Never Coach Minor Hockey” that was posted on my blog site,  People had been asking me for years why I don’t coach minor hockey, so I figured I might as well map out my reasons.  Not long after I posted the article, it …

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