Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 23

Compete Level: Hockey’s “IT” Factor

    There is something that lives deep within every great hockey player.  It’s intangible, immeasurable and undeniably necessary.  You can’t see it in a box score and you can’t measure it in a weight room, but at the end of the day, it is the difference between legend and bust.  A hockey player’s “Compete …

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Mar 14

The Terry Trafford Tragedy Going Forward

The Facts:  1)      Initial Saginaw Spirit press release states that Terry Trafford was merely suspended and sent home for a week and not released from the club.  The Spirit made a misstep here.  During the time of his disappearance, the Spirit organization remained mostly tight-lipped about the situation.  They did, however, make a statement saying …

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Mar 12

What the Tragic Death of Terry Trafford has Taught Us

On Tuesday afternoon, March 11th, the body of missing OHLer Terry Trafford was found in the back parking lot of a Walmart in Saginaw Township, Michigan by state police.  The 20-year-old Trafford was last seen on the morning of March 3rd at the Dow Centre, home of the Saginaw Spirit—the OHL franchise Trafford had played …

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