Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 30

5 Ways the “Moneyball” Approach Benefits NHL Teams

View image |   “Moneyball”, a 2003 book by Michael Lewis about the Oakland Athletics and their sabermetric approach to success in major league baseball, produced a new way of thinking in all sports. Athletics GM, Billy Beane, was looking for a way to do more with less. Hamstringed by a small budget in …

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Jul 21

5 Regrets of a Failed Pro Athlete

There comes a time in every former athlete’s life when he or she evaluates what went wrong and what could have been handled better. What could I have done to change my fate? Why didn’t I make it, while many others around me did? My moment of clarity happened when I began coaching. It’s like …

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Jul 15

The Time is Right for a Major Junior Hockey Players’ Association

Two years ago when the notion of unionizing major junior hockey in North America was introduced, the majority of the public shook their heads and laughed. Public perception was that these are amateur hockey players who get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Why would these kids need a union? The initial launch …

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