Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 23

Less Games, More Practices Key to Kick-Starting Development in Canadian Minor Hockey

View image |   A debate in hockey today that is like a pesky mosquito focuses on the claim that Canada, as hockey’s best development factory, is starting to deteriorate. Personally, I believe more credit should be given to other nations who have made major developmental strides in hockey, but I do agree Canada …

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Sep 19

Phil Kessel’s a Milk Bag and That’s OK

#478443639 / Much ado has recently been made over Phil Kessel’s seemingly low “Give-a-Shit Meter” reading.  The milk bag physique, reports of lazy summers spent fishing, playing poker and golfing, and the fact that he views training camp and pre-season as a way to get back into shape all suggest that he’s resistant and …

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Sep 08

Why Playing Experience Matters in Coaching

While playing hockey at high levels doesn’t mean you will make a great coach, it certainly is an invaluable asset. Some say that’s not true, and that coaching has nothing to do with having played hockey and everything to do with being able to mentor, teach and implement a system. These same people point to …

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Sep 04

Beauty Buckets from the Last 40 Years in Hockey

 1.  The Gretzky Jofa   Wayne Gretzky could have worn a pompadour and it would have been cool. That being said, despite being no more protective than a baseball cap, the Jofa 235 is a classic. It’s like the Hell’s Angels bowl helmet of hockey.   2.  Goring’s Diaper   I had a teacher once …

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