Beauty Buckets from the Last 40 Years in Hockey

 1.  The Gretzky Jofa



Wayne Gretzky could have worn a pompadour and it would have been cool. That being said, despite being no more protective than a baseball cap, the Jofa 235 is a classic. It’s like the Hell’s Angels bowl helmet of hockey.


2.  Goring’s Diaper

Butch Goring


I had a teacher once that used to wear this helmet out to pick up hockey. I offered him everything from cash to indentured servitude, to no avail. The Cooper SK-10 is definitely a cult classic.



3.  Moose’s Winwell



Very similar to “The Beetle”, Mark Messier made this Winwell Model a hit. When you have a hookup list that may or may not include Madonna and Tyra Banks, you can wear whatever the hell you want.



4.  The XL7

mario-lem-sm-vs       cru jones


The Cooper XL7, worn here by Mario Lemieux during his QMJHL days, was a big hit when I was a kid starting out in hockey. My early childhood hero, Cru Jones from the BMX cult classic movie “Rad”, rocked it magnificently on Helltrack. This is just one of many upcoming instances where cool movie characters wear hockey helmets.



5.  The Johnny Upton Special



“Johnny always says, ‘you can only drink so much and screw so much…” Fictional Charlestown Chiefs’ captain Johnny Upton from the movie Slapshot sports a Lange helmet, also worn by a few NHLers during the late 70s. “Chrysler plant, here I come…”



6.   The Klima Garbage Pail



Petr Klima brought this baby out from behind the iron curtain in the late 80s. The Jofa 280 was another dandy produced by beauty bucket king company Jofa (Three of their designs made it onto this list).



7.   The Beetle

Lindros Cooper      Tron


The Cooper SK-2000 made a huge splash in the 80s as evidenced by its inclusion in the original cult classic movie, “Tron”. Eric Lindros made every young kid want to rock this baby during the early 90s, including me—which I did tastefully with offsetting coloured sidebars. Ya, I was that guy…



8.   The Armadillo



Teemu Selanne blasted into the NHL with a record setting 76-goal rookie season in 1992-93, immediately making the Jofa 366 helmet (also worn by NHL legends Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr at the time) a coveted bucket.



9.   Foligno Bicycle Bucket



The “Mike Foligno Flamingo Hop” goal celebration made this Northland classic a necessity. Crash resistant from 10 to 20 feet, this bicycle bucket was also found on the domes of NHL legends, Lanny MacDonald and Stan Makita during the 1970s and 80s.



10.   CCM Pro Standard



Hockey Helmets don’t get much cooler than the CCM Pro Standard III (With the rubber sidebars). It’s stylish shape, comfort and lightness were good enough for a bulk of NHL players during the 80s, including Chris Chelios.



11.   The Bubbles Lid

Craig Ramsey        Bubbles


I actually have one of these Cooper SK-300 beauties in my basement, currently holding an assortment of hardware screws, leg bolts and washers. While Craig Ramsey and Dave Dunn failed to make this bucket catch on in the NHL, “Bubbles”, from the Trailer Park Boys, has picked up the torch eloquently.



12.   The Starter Kit Cooper

Gretzky - Cooper


This Cooper SK-600 was the first helmet I ever owned and came in a Cooper “Hockey Beginners” starter kit. By the time I retired this baby, I had about 15 layers of masking tape with my name scrolled on each one.

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6 Comments on “Beauty Buckets from the Last 40 Years in Hockey”

  1. In Atom/Peewee the Jofa 366 with a full visor was the sweetest look. Add in a pair of Easton Air GX7500 gloves and Tacks skates and you were swag before there was swag.

  2. I owned four of the hats on this list. My Gretzky Jofa got nicked at a roller tournament in the 90’s, I got tired of buying sidebars for my beetle (always wanted to get a second color for the back half of the helmet itself like the old Generals two-tone getups) my CCM HT-3 just got so old that the Rubatex (or whatever the hell it was called) got harder than a rock. Great lids, all of ’em. But I’ll always remember that Cooper SK-600, my first helmet, and that styrofoam packing peanut style padding. (Oh, and kudos to leaving out the Nike Quest abominations. Buddy had one, and it weighed about a thousand pounds and looked like Dracula’s hair from that 1992 flick. Or like it melted. Something. Brutal.)

  3. I have an old spalding hockey helmet my uncle had 60 years+ ago. Still in the box and wrapped in plastic never used. I was wondering if anyone knew it’s worth?

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