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Oct 31

There is No “Corsi” for Character

#173588145 /   The most heavily debated topic in hockey today is “Analytics”.  Some love it.  Others hate it.  Personally, I think any additional statistic we can extract that can possibly help us analyze aspects of the game or a player’s impact, is beneficial.  I just don’t think we can solely rely on statistical …

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Oct 30

How the Industrialization of Hockey Changed Coaching for the Better

#103206241 / Before the days of player’s associations, agents, major endorsement deals, multi-million dollar contracts, multi-YEAR contracts, and television deals, a sport was a recreational endeavour with a growing entertainment value. Professional players made a bit of money, but had to work another job in the off-season to provide for their families. Back in …

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Oct 24

The All-Time Hockey Movie All-Star Team

Although there haven’t been a lot of movies made about hockey (At least not that many good ones), there have been some great movies and some endearing and memorable characters.  All-time beauty Paul Newman was once quoted as saying that filming Slap Shot was his favorite experience as an actor and that the character of …

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Oct 22

Hockey Sense Can Be Taught

  #125140733 /   Most will agree that the best hockey players in the history of the game were special because of the way they thought the game two steps ahead of everyone else.  They had incredible “hockey sense” and this set them apart from the rest of the pack.  We can all agree …

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Oct 10

Is Fighting Losing its Place in Hockey?

#77195081 / On the back of recent trends of NHL teams opting not to employ fourth line enforcers, the debate about whether fighting serves a purpose in today’s game reaches new heights. With many teams opting to dress more serviceable fourth line players, it appears that the days of the gunslinger in hockey may …

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Oct 07

6 Tips for a Better Healthy Scratch Experience

  There is no nice way to put it, being a healthy scratch sucks. Getting the tap from the coach after pregame skate to tell you that you won’t be in the lineup is like getting kicked in the balls. Walking into the room the day before a game and seeing your name penciled in …

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