Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 22

Leadership: The Most Generalized and Misrepresented Term in Hockey

#482423391 /   The term “Leadership” is grossly overused and misrepresented in hockey.  It’s a cute buzzword for the media to use to oversimplify complicated situations and place blame.  “The Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling.  It’s time for a change in leadership.”  See how easy that is?  You can take a complicated situation and …

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Nov 21

Guest Post: “The Hockey World Changing: Jersey Talk”

#2812356 / Guest Blogger Josh Smith drops in to provide some innovative information on the custom apparel and jersey industry About Josh: I grew up in Detroit, MI and played AAA for multiple teams (Honey baked, little Cesar’s, Ice Dogs)  growing up. After multiple trips to high school state championships and winters filled with …

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Nov 19

7-Factor Analysis: Simple Analytics for Any Level of Hockey

For decades, hockey has been a statistically simple sport.  Players who score lots of goals and get lots of points are really good.  Goalies who let in lots of goals and have low save percentages are usually not very good.  Hockey isn’t baseball.  It’s not a series of one-on-one matchups with isolated incidences.  It’s a …

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Nov 12

The McDavid Injury: Fueling the Fighting Debate

#457720190 /   A second period scrap between uber-prospect Connor McDavid (Erie Otters) and Mississauga Steelheads forward, Bryson Cianfrone, revved the never-ending debate about fighting in hockey into the redline.  The fight started in the fashion that typical fights in hockey do, Player A delivers a hit on Player B and Player B takes …

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Nov 06

Contrasting Styles:  North American vs. European

    There is a plethora of differences between the North American and European style of playing the game of hockey.  The most obvious difference, when comparing the two styles is ice surface dimensions.  North American standard rinks are 200 x 85 feet, while European ice sheets are “Olympic-sized” at 200 x 100 feet.  It …

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