Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 29

Das Boot (Sample Story from “Tales from the Bus Leagues”)

  (Sample story from “Tales from the Bus Leagues”) Throughout my career at Clarkson University, I was fortunate to have access to a car. During my freshman year, I was driving a cherry red 1993 Chrysler Concorde. It wasn’t the nicest car on campus—most of the kids came from pretty wealthy families and found Hummers, …

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Apr 23

Keys to Dealing with “The End” in Hockey

There is nothing more terrifying than the concept of “The End.”  While the end can mean many things, negative or positive, it is the former that is often first manifested in our minds.  We are conditioned to fear and prepare for the worst.  The end of a path.  The end of a dream.  The end …

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