Monthly Archive: September 2015

Sep 30

The Hierarchy of Pro Hockey

There is a certain mental picture that pops up when people think of professional athletes. Most people immediately think of fancy cars and flashy jewelry draped upon an egotistical jerk, flocked by bodacious bimbos. At least that’s what I pictured when I made it my dream to become one. In reality, being a professional athlete …

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Sep 22

Hockey as a Second Language

Learning to speak “Hockeynese” In hockey, like a lot of sports, there is a totally different language used. Just like the military has different lingo for words or phrases, the nation of hockey goes by its own dialect. The first thing that becomes immediately altered in the hockey world is everyone’s name. This is usually done …

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Sep 11

7 Ways to Build Confidence Without Entitlement

In sports there is an ongoing debate about which style of coaching works best.  Some think you need to be tough on players while others think you need to give them a bit more freedom and allow them to motivate themselves. In other words, on one end of the spectrum we have this guy:   …

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Sep 08

Minor League Bad Habits

Playing in the minors is hard on the body and mind. Teams often play back-to-back nights while travelling hundreds of miles between games. The pay is low, the food is bad, and team priorities are geared towards thriftiness rather than comfort for the players. Playing in such conditions often breeds bad habits. Other bad habits …

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