The Hunter’s Burden, a two act play written by Jamie McKinven, follows the Birmingham Brahmas, a minor league hockey team starving for relevance in the midst of an economic downturn. An endless string of pranks, cantankerous trainers and eccentric goalies highlight this hilarious tale as the Brahmas walk a fine line between budding potential and swift demise in the dog-eat-dog world of pro sports.

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A collection of short stories from a former minor leaguer about life running the roads and playing for peanuts, with the small glimmer of hope of someday suiting up in the NHL. From shaking hands with Gary Player on the first tee at the Masters, to off-seasons living in his grandmother’s basement, Jamie McKinven – author of So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey – talks freely about life as a struggling pro. Learn about how to kill deadly spiders in Louisiana with a 7-iron, the day he was a jerk to Novak Djokovic and why goalies really are the weirdest bunch of dudes on the planet. The not-so glamorous lifestyle of a minor league hockey player is unveiled in this light-hearted exposé.

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Less than 0.001% of all kids that start playing hockey will play a single game in the NHL. Those lucky enough to come close will experience a world filled with incredible highs and perilous lows. “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey” takes the reader on a journey through the various levels of hockey to learn about politics, misconceptions, predators and hazing, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and several other cultural intricacies.

Learn about the differences between the NCAA and Major Junior, what hockey is like in the Southern U.S. and Eastern Europe, and why the process is more important than the end result. Experience the game of hockey from a new perspective. Strap on the gear, get beneath the helmet and take an uncensored peek at hockey’s truly unique culture.

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  1. JAMIE, I’m very excited to have found you, your book and website. My son is in his first year of house league, he’s 10 and has big dreams. He wants to play for a local AAA team but right now lacks the skill. a couple of his friends on the house league team were asked to skate with the AAA team (and they are GOOD). My son after finding this out cried his eyes out as he wants to be at that level. He needs work, but needs to put it in himself. I’m caught not yet having the expertise in how to coach him towards his dream. But i think i have found the real answer…FUN. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you! Best, Dan

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks for reaching out. If I have learned anything in my life, it is that the process is always more important than the end result. That, and if you aren’t having fun with something, there is no use doing it. Hockey is a wonderful game. So much can be learned from it and so much is transferable to everyday life, whether you’re playing in the NHL or in your first year of house league. I think you have a great mindset moving forward with your son. Make FUN the number one priority and everything else will happen as it should.


    1. Hey Brandon! Hope to have it out soon. There will definitely be some funny stuff in there.

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