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Jan 08

Building Success “Through the Middle”

View image |   In hockey, there is a lot of chatter referring to “the middle”.  Coaches love to preach about “Backchecking hard through the middle of the ice.”  Defencemen are told to “force plays to the outside and play through the dots.”  The shots that goalies worry most about are “Grade A” chances—shots …

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Dec 15

Does Birth Month Influence Success in Hockey?

View image |   The debate about whether being born in the first few months of the calendar year poses a significant advantage for a hockey player over being born in the latter months of the year isn’t new.  The argument that a player born in January of a particular calendar year will have …

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Nov 22

Leadership: The Most Generalized and Misrepresented Term in Hockey

#482423391 /   The term “Leadership” is grossly overused and misrepresented in hockey.  It’s a cute buzzword for the media to use to oversimplify complicated situations and place blame.  “The Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling.  It’s time for a change in leadership.”  See how easy that is?  You can take a complicated situation and …

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Nov 12

The McDavid Injury: Fueling the Fighting Debate

#457720190 /   A second period scrap between uber-prospect Connor McDavid (Erie Otters) and Mississauga Steelheads forward, Bryson Cianfrone, revved the never-ending debate about fighting in hockey into the redline.  The fight started in the fashion that typical fights in hockey do, Player A delivers a hit on Player B and Player B takes …

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Oct 31

There is No “Corsi” for Character

#173588145 /   The most heavily debated topic in hockey today is “Analytics”.  Some love it.  Others hate it.  Personally, I think any additional statistic we can extract that can possibly help us analyze aspects of the game or a player’s impact, is beneficial.  I just don’t think we can solely rely on statistical …

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Oct 10

Is Fighting Losing its Place in Hockey?

#77195081 / On the back of recent trends of NHL teams opting not to employ fourth line enforcers, the debate about whether fighting serves a purpose in today’s game reaches new heights. With many teams opting to dress more serviceable fourth line players, it appears that the days of the gunslinger in hockey may …

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Sep 23

Less Games, More Practices Key to Kick-Starting Development in Canadian Minor Hockey

View image |   A debate in hockey today that is like a pesky mosquito focuses on the claim that Canada, as hockey’s best development factory, is starting to deteriorate. Personally, I believe more credit should be given to other nations who have made major developmental strides in hockey, but I do agree Canada …

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Sep 19

Phil Kessel’s a Milk Bag and That’s OK

#478443639 / Much ado has recently been made over Phil Kessel’s seemingly low “Give-a-Shit Meter” reading.  The milk bag physique, reports of lazy summers spent fishing, playing poker and golfing, and the fact that he views training camp and pre-season as a way to get back into shape all suggest that he’s resistant and …

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Sep 08

Why Playing Experience Matters in Coaching

While playing hockey at high levels doesn’t mean you will make a great coach, it certainly is an invaluable asset. Some say that’s not true, and that coaching has nothing to do with having played hockey and everything to do with being able to mentor, teach and implement a system. These same people point to …

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Jul 30

5 Ways the “Moneyball” Approach Benefits NHL Teams

View image |   “Moneyball”, a 2003 book by Michael Lewis about the Oakland Athletics and their sabermetric approach to success in major league baseball, produced a new way of thinking in all sports. Athletics GM, Billy Beane, was looking for a way to do more with less. Hamstringed by a small budget in …

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