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Sep 30

The Hierarchy of Pro Hockey

There is a certain mental picture that pops up when people think of professional athletes. Most people immediately think of fancy cars and flashy jewelry draped upon an egotistical jerk, flocked by bodacious bimbos. At least that’s what I pictured when I made it my dream to become one. In reality, being a professional athlete …

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Jul 10

A Day in the Life of a Minor Leaguer

Playing in the minor leagues comes with the prestige of being deemed a professional athlete. That prestige ends with the title. Once the contract is signed, you become a soldier at the bottom rung of the ladder. My dreams of flying first-class charters and staying in five-star hotels were quickly dashed when I boarded a …

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May 04

The Legend of Gunner Garrett

(Sample story from “Tales from the Bus Leagues”) For those of you who have read my first book, I may be repeating myself a bit here. In, “So You Want Your Kid to Play Pro Hockey,” I spoke briefly about Kenneth “Gunner” Garrett, the legendary minor league trainer. Considering this, I hemmed and hawed about …

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Apr 13

Masters Week Parking Fiasco

Masters Week in Augusta, GA, was really something amazing to experience. Many local businesses and proprietors made the bulk of their year’s profits in one week as the electricity and mystique of golf’s greatest and most prestigious tournament bled through the community. Founded by the late, great Bobby Jones and built on 365 acres of …

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Jan 25

Masterful Experience

The greatest perk, without a doubt, about playing hockey in Augusta, Georgia was being able to attend golf’s greatest annual tournament, the Masters.  When I was playing hockey in Augusta, in the ECHL, we lived in a gated housing complex on Berckmans Rd. that backed onto Augusta National Golf Course right behind the trees looming over …

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