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Sep 29

5 Ways Sports Make You Better at Life


  Most of my articles start with a conversation I’ve recently had that sparks a theme or idea.  The conversation that spawned this piece was one I had with a co-worker about competitive youth hockey (any sport and any level applies), the costs, and eventually the question: “What’s the point?”  This isn’t an uncommon progression …

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Jul 21

5 Regrets of a Failed Pro Athlete

There comes a time in every former athlete’s life when he or she evaluates what went wrong and what could have been handled better. What could I have done to change my fate? Why didn’t I make it, while many others around me did? My moment of clarity happened when I began coaching. It’s like …

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Jun 12

NHL Combine Scores: The Most Overrated Stat in Hockey

Much ado has recently been made over top-rated NHL prospect Sam Bennett (OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs star forward) and his failure to complete a chin-up at the 2014 NHL Draft Combine. Some people shake their head and say: “Oh, he’s not going to be able to play in the NHL. Too weak. You gotta be big …

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Jan 22

5 Essential Mental Preparation Tips for Hockey Players

Brian Boucher

Hockey, like all sports, is filled with intangibles and idiosyncrasies that define the game, the culture and determines who achieves the most success. We’ve all heard the saying, “Hockey is 10% physical and 90% mental.” The statement may be a bit inaccurate, but the overall message is bang on. In order to reach the high …

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