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Jan 10

How Playing Other Sports Makes You a Better Hockey Player


  There is an ongoing debate about the benefits of playing multiple sports as a youth athlete versus focusing all your efforts into one sport.  Advocates of the single-sport specialized approach tend to toss out theories such as Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule.”  In Gladwell’s book “Outliers”, he presents a theory stating that it takes …

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Jan 27

The Art of Chirping

There is one aspect to all sports that is as old as the game itself. Something so deeply rooted in the essence of competition that it becomes its own game in itself: the game within the game—chirping.  Chirping (aka “Beaking”, “Trash-Talking” or “Yapping”) is a skill not unlike skating, shooting or passing, and like any …

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Oct 22

Hockey Sense Can Be Taught

  #125140733 / gettyimages.com   Most will agree that the best hockey players in the history of the game were special because of the way they thought the game two steps ahead of everyone else.  They had incredible “hockey sense” and this set them apart from the rest of the pack.  We can all agree …

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Sep 08

Why Playing Experience Matters in Coaching

While playing hockey at high levels doesn’t mean you will make a great coach, it certainly is an invaluable asset. Some say that’s not true, and that coaching has nothing to do with having played hockey and everything to do with being able to mentor, teach and implement a system. These same people point to …

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Aug 22

5 Reasons Why Kids Lose Interest in Hockey

View image | gettyimages.com   Being in a position to work in player development has allowed me to focus on what’s best for a particular player at a specific time. In this role, I often get questioned by parents about my thoughts on development. Here is a common one: My kid doesn’t seem as interested …

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Mar 23

Compete Level: Hockey’s “IT” Factor

    There is something that lives deep within every great hockey player.  It’s intangible, immeasurable and undeniably necessary.  You can’t see it in a box score and you can’t measure it in a weight room, but at the end of the day, it is the difference between legend and bust.  A hockey player’s “Compete …

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Dec 04

An Ode to Hockey


There is something about the musty smell of a dressing room that gives me goose bumps.  It’s the anticipation of greatness. In hockey there are rules, referees and penalties for those who break the law.  There is structure to the game, yet it’s what’s beneath the surface that defines the culture of hockey. You see, …

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Jul 19

Long Road to Success is Much More Picturesque

Eric Selleck

It was an unassuming Thursday night. I was sitting in the modest, cookie-cutter dressing room at the relatively modern Invista Centre in Kingston, Ontario, fresh into a lukewarm Coors Light and covered in sweat from an hour of pick-up hockey.  Long gone are most of the remnants of any speed or skill that I once …

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